July 05, 2009

Today is an anniversary. Not the kind you celebrate; rather, the kind that marks a watershed event that changed your life. July 5th is, and always will be, that kind of day for me.

July 5th, 2007, was the day my ex-wife informed me that she thought our 18-year marriage was over. Though it took a few months to become final, that was the beginning of the end. I'll never forget where I was, what was said or how I felt as long as I live.

The last two years have seen my life go through more changes than I ever thought possible. I've been lower and more despondent than I ever thought possible. I've been confused and felt alone. I've realized that support can come from the most unexpected of places. I've met an amazing person who taught me that it is possible to love again. And I've had new experiences that have enriched my life.

I've also seen a strength and resiliency in my two daughters that amazes me every single day. Their well-being was my biggest concern when my ex and I split. But the way they've dealt with the changes in their family and continued to develop as strong, smart, centered young women is a testament to their character. I am more proud of them that I could ever express with words.

So, two years down the road, I've learned this: Life changes, nothing is certain, and nothing stays the same. You have to roll with it and adapt. You can't let the changes define you - you define your own life.

There are still tough days. But now, on this second "anniversary," those are outnumbered by the good days. Progress.