September 21, 2008

The Beginning of the End...or the End of the Beginning.

It occurs to me that the first post in this blog should sort of explain where it comes from...where I come from. This blog is just, basically, a chronicle of my life - not a day-by-day account, but just what crosses my mind, my environment, and my desktop as I explore life after my divorce. Some of it is funny, some poignant, some just plain weird. My hope is that by sharing these odds, ends and assorted moments of mayhem, that you might find something useful, or at least entertaining.

So, to the beginning....or rather the beginning of the end.

July 5th, 2007, was d-day in my world. My wife of 18 years, and partner for 23 years, came home from a two-week trip to China and announced that she wanted a divorce. Right out of the blue. Hit me like a runaway train. She gave me a myriad of reasons - needing to find herself, wanting more out of life, etc., etc. Maybe someday, if the topic fits, I'll get into it more. Suffice, for now, to say that I thought we had a great thing going. Guess I was the only one.

The next few months were a blur of desolate feelings, intense despair, and a resolution to make my physical self better, even as the world around me was imploding. The emotional self - well, that's been a somewhat longer journey.

Fast forward 15 months. I've come back to life - at least on most days. Life is still tough, but now at least there is usually more joy, or at least calm, than pain. I followed through on the promise I made to myself to make myself physically better. I dropped 70 pounds, got in better cardio shape and even have some muscle definition and the outline of a six-pack. Ok, it's more like a two-or-three pack right now, but it's a start.....

There is an amazing woman in my life. She went through a divorce about six months before we're finding our way back around together. And my daughters have been awesome. I wouldn't be a shell of who I am right now without their understanding, love, and incredible ability to handle this enormous change in their lives.

There's much more of the story to tell, and the ending isn't written, but that's for another day.

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