September 23, 2008

Of Wine and Weiners...

I've found that one of the interesting things about living on your own is the choices you make for simple things like, say, dinner. Not much sense in cooking a meal for one.

As I sat on my patio a few nights ago, looking at the stars and moon and enjoying a glass of a nice Bordeaux (yeah I actually had a good red that night), I decided I needed to eat. But what?

Now, as a new bachelor, I find that my grocery shopping falls primarily into two camps: "What will I eat in the next 48 hours?" and "What won't go bad if I don't touch it for two months?" With that in mind...I buy lots of frozen stuff.

But I digress. Anyway, in my freezer I found a turkey brat and a 98% fat free turkey hot dog. Easy, simple. So I fired up my small little gas grill. But as I sat there, cooking turkey weiners and drinking good wine, I realized that in a culinary sense, I was culture-clashing big-time. It got me to thinking...what kind of wine actually goes with turkey weiners. The only thing I could come up with is Thunderbird. Or a simple MD 20/20 grape. And a Chevy Impala up on blocks on the front lawn.

My Bordeaux was much to classy for my meal. So I gulped the last of it, switched to a Michelob Ultra, and all was again harmonious with the universe.

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